About CrockettDad



I’m Butch.  No, really…that’s my name.  I’m a 40-something stay at home dad in the Piney Woods of east Texas with my son Hudson and daughter Georgia Cate.   This is a dad blog and I write about dad things.  Well, mostly dad things.  I also write about goofy stuff that pops in my head and won’t go away.  I wont discuss politics or religion, but I may occasionally make a snarky comment or three about both.  I tend to be an irreverent, sarcastic smart-ass.

My wife and I had been married for almost 10 years when she came into the living room and sat down next to me on our old green sofa.  It was February 18, 2007.   We were living in Dallas and I was watching the Daytona 500.  It was then we had this short conversation that changed our lives forever:

Her:  ”I think I’m late.”

Me:  ”For what?”

Her:  <raised eyebrow>

Me: “Oooohh….”

A few months later, our baby boy came into the world and we began to realize we didn’t want to raise him in a big city.  My wife and I both came from small towns and we’re almost normal, so we decided our son would be raised in a small town, too.  And since neither of us were thrilled with the idea of putting Hudson in day care, one of us would stay home.  My wife found a great job with a rural electric cooperative and thus the decision was made.  So began my trek into the world of domestic engineering.

As the bumper stickers say, “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as quick as I could.”  I grew up as an only child in the South Carolina Lowcountry.  My parents and I lived on a corner of my grandparent’s farm until I was 9 years old and we moved to Texas.  Other than a brief stint in Oklahoma after college, I’ve been here ever since.

You can follow me on Twitter at @TexasSAHD


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